Recycled Concrete & Asphalt

Recycled Concrete is an environmentally friendly product made from concrete that has been broken down and demolished. Recycling the concrete reduces the amount of material that is put into landfills. The broken pieces of concrete are initially sized and broken down smaller by an excavator with a pulverizer attached to the boom. It is then hauled by a loader and dumped into the feed hopper of a crusher which reduces the concrete into pieces that range from 6-inches and under. The product is then transferred to a screen deck where it is separated into 3-sizes (3” to 6”, 1½” to 3” and 1½” minus).

The 3-inch to 6-inch pieces are then sent to a smaller crusher and reduced down to a clean 21AA Crushed Concrete sized 1½” minus. Product uses consist of driveway material (base and top coat), paver base, concrete base, concrete aggregate.

The only negative side to recycled concrete is the tramp reinforcing metal that is in the original concrete. We make every effort to pull the metal out during the crushing process but some metal still makes it to the final product. The metal is only a problem when used as a top coat, but can easily be seen and removed by hand.

Recycled Asphalt is another environmentally friendly product that is made from torn-up roads and driveways. The asphalt is crushed in the same manner as the concrete. We produce 3 sizes (1” x 3”, 1½” minus and a clean 1½” minus). The only difference between recycle asphalt and concrete is that it is softer and seems to bond back together when used as a topping for a driveway. Click on images below for size comparisons.

American Concrete Products currently accepts concrete and asphalt debris at its Mason Road Plant. Concrete and Asphalt must be separated.

21AA Crushed Concrete 

21AA Brick 

21AA Crushed Asphalt 

21AA Crushed Pavers 

Crushed Concrete Fines Crushed Concrete 1x3 Crushed Asphalt Fines
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